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A long time ago, copyright was meant to stimulate creativity. Now, copyright is abused to assure a steady flow of income. Andrew Crossley was one of the lawyers that found a way to turn piracy into money. We pirates, as so dubbed by the media, have been claiming that the entertainment industries have been unable to come up with new business models. We could not have been more wrong. From the leaked ACS:Law emails, we learned that it was not the artists, not the people actually working for their money, but the lawyers that found a way to exploit a lucrative business model based on copyright. Since copyright protects intellectual property for more than 70 years, everything made after 1935 can be exploited by pay-up-or-else letters. Money can be made by exploiting a law to prevent other people from exploiting your work.

The piracy witch-hunt is not to stop piracy. It is not to secure the artist's income; it is just another business model allowing a group of lawyers to do what they do best: defend their statements with law. They found a way to make it legit to financially rape exploit children. And the entertainment industry associations even openly stated that they don't intend to share the money from this exploitation with the artists. Instead, they intend to use it to start even more lawsuits. This is the extreme opposite of what copyright was intended for. Judge and jury must be brought to understanding that the entertainment industries are not interested in stopping piracy, but exploiting it. This is what kills creativity. This is what discourages the real artists.

Operation Payback is the protest against these flawed laws, against the lobby that issued the laws in the first place. Documentaries, such as Steal This Film and Rip! A Remix Manifesto, were ignored. So we started with Denial of Service attacks; we started the protest of the future by targeting websites of lobbying groups and law firms that abuse copyright law. We simply will no longer be ignored. While the operation moves forward with new actions such as defacing websites, people have realized that defacement is not the only thing that can be done. People started protesting on their own: bomb threats, prank calls, hacking websites, and who knows what else. Several media outlets are reporting about the operation distancing itself from these splinter attacks, like the attack on individual artists who have this “Sue! Sue! Sue some more!” attitude. But protesting is done regardless whether a core group approves what happens or not. Operation Payback is the movement, the protest itself, the moving force that tries, where we uncover how deep the copyright exploitation goes nowadays. That movement cannot be turned away, stopped, concluded. As long as anybody continues to fight for this cause, the operation will exist.

The operation, in the least, is a success. The operation is not lead by a core group anymore. It is decentralizing and spreading. It's gaining strength and momentum. At this point in time, the future of the operation is unknown. We are still discontent that a student who downloads songs is considered criminally equal (or sometimes even greater) to a terrorist, a child molester, a serial murderer. We are discontent that children who want to share a song with their school friends are being brainwashed that this is wrong. If an artist does not want his or her creations to be shared, then why were they published in the first place? We are discontent that pirates are considered criminals, are considered dangerous to society. We are discontent that the entertainment industries consider their monetary worth more than the livelihood of the artists themselves. And as long as these laws are not changed, as long as lawyers keep suing people, the operation will continue.

DDoSing websites was the first step; hacking and defacing websites were the next. What will tomorrow bring? Would we go on the streets, fighting our ways to the office? Would we have to overthrow the walls of the White House to make our statement? Do we have to fight for a new renaissance? Do we have to start a revolution, to get our freedom to share in this world? Stop this madness. Stop suppressing our needs to share, just to preserve cash money. Teachers pass their knowledge onto others by sharing. But if we are no longer are allowed to share our findings, our knowledge, our emotions, our expressions, our hearts, and then the evolution of mankind stops here.

The government gave the entertainment industry free reign, heard all their wishes. Now do your task and help your citizens. Heed our wish for uncensored internet. Heed our wish to share what we like and make. And trust us that we reward the people whose work we appreciate. Because that's what it is still about, right?

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  1. cuando no te están jodiendo te están dando por culo....! te robe la frase tiberio porque me parece oportuna en tu blog AH CORAZON ESPERO QUE TU NO ME RESTRINGAS EL ACCESO EN TU BLOG TAMBIEN

  2. Missyta yo no restringo nada.
    Así que no te preocupes.
    Estaré unos días sin publicar por asuntos familiares, pero este chiringito permanece abierto.